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Deliver personalized shopping experiences to your anonymous site visitors to improve customer experience and increase revenue and margins. As customers move to more digital buying experiences, modern retailers need the ability to personalize experiences to anonymous visitors to increase conversations, revenue, customer loyalty, and value at scale in today’s hyper-personalized shopping environment.

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Director of Product
Digital in the Retail Industry

Customers demand to be known, understood, and assisted by retail enterprises in real-time – and their rising expectations require a new approach to engagement.

Predict and Engage

ZineOne determines whether each visitor will purchase or not and provides the ability to influence the outcome before they leave. This boosts conversion rates while optimizing margin by hyper-targeting incentives to the visitors who need it most.

Understand Anonymous Users

With a vast majority of site visitors being anonymous, it can be difficult to personalize experiences. ZineOne CustomerDNA intelligently identifies visitor characteristics early in their visit – without the need for any historical or third party data – giving you the ability to personalize for optimal results.

Create Urgency to Purchase

Highlight popular products by showing how many people are currently viewing each product as well as how many are left in stock. This simple tactic provides social proof and creates urgency to purchase, increasing add to cart and conversion rates.

Drive To Physical Stores

Proactively send inventory notifications or loyalty rewards availability reminders when your customers come near your physical stores. Intelligently encourage BOPUS options when your ecommerce site visitors are buying items that are frequently picked up in store, or for items that are frequently returned.

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