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Deploy in-session marketing to accurately predict purchase intent in real-time for both anonymous and known consumers. Boost revenue by significantly improving customer acquisition rates, sales of accessories, and value-added services. 

You have to think big and really different. We’ve gone beyond thinking of digital as a channel and started thinking of digital as the backbone of our transformation strategy.

Sasha Lucas
VP & Head of Digital at Verizon

How can you personalize the experience of active users when data privacy regulations are on the rise?

Leverage artificial intelligence to learn micro-behaviors

Real-Time Micro-Behaviors

No two visits are the same — each one has unique events (micro-behaviors) within individual sessions. ZineOne leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from these micro-behaviors and create dynamic models using that data to enable in-session decisioning.

Privacy and security for telecom marketing

Privacy and Security

ZineOne doesn’t rely on third-party cookies, personal identifiable information (PII), IDFA, or User IDs to surface in-session actions. This lack of needed detail ensures that brands can continue to provide the personalization consumers expect without asking them to compromise their privacy or security.

AI for Telecom

Next-Level AI

ZineOne’s Customer DNA™ takes a visitor’s first five clicks to create AI-driven early purchase predictions. These purchase forecasts allow telecom companies to deliver tailored experiences to meet a consumer’s unique needs on a visit-by-visit basis.

Early Purchase Predictions for Smarter Customer Engagements

Early Purchase Prediction

Knowing consumer intent is just the start. Use ZineOne’s early purchase prediction models to micro-target groups of visitors in-the-moment, whether that be with social proof, promotional incentives, product add-ons, etc.

Telecom Leaders are Seeing Success with ZineOne

Fireside Chat with Verizon

We recently sat down with Sasha Lucas, VP & Head of Digital at Verizon, where she shared their digital transformation journey and how they are meeting the ever-changing needs of the digital consumer.

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