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Deliver differentiated guest experiences based on their personal preferences and needs in real-time, on their channel of choice ensuring a memorable and personalized experiences before, during, and after each stay.

ZineOne’s innovative use of geofencing coupled with weather, event, and historical information is helping us enhance the guest experience before they even step foot into the hotel.

Forbes Travel Guide 5-star rated hotel

As customers move to more digital buying experiences, modern retailers need the ability to personalize experiences to anonymous visitors while protecting their margins and brand image.

Predict and Engage

Now you can determine whether each visitor will complete their booking and have the ability to influence and ensure they complete the transaction before they leave your site. Boost conversion rates while optimizing margins by offering hyper-targeted incentives to potential guests who need it most.

Personalize Guest Experience On-Property

Welcome home. Greet your guests with personalized welcome messages and recommendations for dinner or places of interests as soon as they arrive via their in-room TV or tablets.

Engage your Loyal Guests with Proactive Offer Messaging

Loyalty has its benefits. Now you can automate SMS or Push Notifications as soon as new offers have been allocated to your loyal guests ensuring they can take advantage of their exclusive offers before they book their next trip.

Understand your Anoymous Website Visitors

No need for previous visitor history or third party data. ZineOne can access in-session behavior to determine if your anonymous visitor is considering booking a vacation, business travel or a wedding.

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