AI-Driven Intelligent Personalization for Grocers

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With an increase in the number of consumers looking for speed and convenience, the time is ripe for digital transformation in the grocery industry. According to eMarketer, grocery ecommerce will grow 18.2% to $19.89B in 2019. While it will be the fastest-growing product category online, it is projected to be one of the least-penetrated. To stay competitive, grocers are looking for new and innovative ways to engage their customers and to realign their marketing and selling strategy with the changes in the market.

Debjani Deb, CEO of ZineOne, an intelligent customer engagement platform, spoke at GroceryShop 2019 about how grocers can leverage AI to obtain customer insights. These insights enable grocers to deliver relevant and meaningful 1:1 experiences, both online and in-store.

Download Debjani’s presentation to learn how ZineOne uses location, weather, and offer intelligence to:

  • Predict next store visit
  • Drive in-store engagement
  • Increase e-commerce conversions