ZineOne launches Mobile Journey Automation with dynamic segmentation for 1:1 interactions

ZineOne: Mobile Journey Marketing Automation

ZineOne launches Mobile Journey Automation with dynamic segmentation for 1:1 interactions

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ZineOne Inc., a provider of cutting-edge enterprise mobile marketing automation software, announced the launch of its Customer Journey Marketing Automation solution to drive conversions and engagement on mobile apps, mobile web and websites.

With the rise of m-commerce, mobile apps and wearables, more than 50% of online traffic today is on mobile. While this number keeps growing, transaction success rates on mobile are still one-fourth of the desktop counterpart. In addition, the buyer journey has become immensely complex, straddling several touch points, such as the website, mobile web, mobile app, and stores. In this omnichannel world, marketers are constantly looking for new ways to engage mobile-savvy users and to carve out a frictionless experience with the brand as customers weave in and out of various channels.

“ZineOne’s Customer Journey Marketing cloud provides brands the opportunity to engage every customer using targeted one-on-one interactions,” said Debjani Deb, CEO and co-founder of ZineOne. “Our mission is to build insanely smart tools for marketers to understand user behavior, deliver personalized, contextual and real-time experiences and measurably increase mobile conversions.”

To this end, the ZineOne system focuses on individual behavior modeling, collecting contextual data from customer profile, in-app activity, and any historical data that reside in the brand’s backend. The system then uses this information to predict intent, create dynamic segments that map the customer journey, and recommend the next best action for the marketer to engage the customer. This ensures that the brand delivers the most relevant message or information to the right customer at the right time to drive conversions and other business goals, such as engagement, capturing customer information or providing information about a new feature.

Additionally, through ZineOne’s smart analytics, marketers can gauge the efficacy of their customer interaction, increase the precision of customer segmentation and hone in on the relevance of their content through control groups and A/B testing.

“We are empowering marketers with the ability to build marketing campaigns, change messages or content, and design creatives all by themselves, without involving product or IT resources,” Deb added. “We are giving marketers the tools that enable them to connect with their customers through out their buyer journey in a contextual and personalized manner, leading to increase in conversions, engagement and customer lifetime value for brands.”

For more information, visit www.zineone.com, or contact us at sona@zineone.com.

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