ZineOne at NRF 2020

Get a peek into the future of retail, AI & personalization. Meet us at booth 963.

More than 38,000 attendees are expected at NRF 2020. It’s THE event where visionaries like you come together to exchange innovative ideas and explore new technologies that enable companies to achieve their vision, goals, and objectives. Below are a few pointers to help you hit the road running at the NRF show:

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We will be at booth #963

We will be at booth #963, passing out goodies and happy to chat about the amazing results our clients are seeing with our Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE) platform

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Register for the AI Expo Tour to get a sneak peek into innovative use cases of in-the-moment personalization that best-in-class retailers have deployed with the ICE personalization platform.

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Intelligent Personalization in Retail

Here are some industry resources about Intelligent Personalization, NRF, and New York that you might find useful before, during and after the event. Enjoy!

What to Expect at NRF 2020

NRF 2020 is the world’s largest retail Expo, bringing together industry leaders from around the world to share cutting-edge technology and ideas. With over 175 sessions, 400 speakers, and 800 exhibitors, we understand that stepping onto the Expo floor for the first time can be an overwhelming experience—with visionaries and collaborators everywhere you turn, where do you even start? For your convenience, we curated a list of top show highlights for NFR 2020 Vision.

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Your New York City Travel Guide for NRF 2020: What to Do

While NRF 2020 Vision will bring you to New York in the first place, the city offers an endless range of possibilities and experiences for you to fill up your free time. We compiled a short list of the best things to do throughout your stay, so you can make the most out of your time in the city this January.

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NRF 2020 Artificial Intelligence EXPO Tour

This year, to connect retailers with industry leaders delivering the latest technology across disciplines, NRF is offering four curated EXPO tours centered on key areas driving the future of retail: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Experience & Ecommerce, Customer Experience, and Future and In-store Technology.

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Your Pre-Show Reading List

To maximize your experience at the show, it is important to freshen up on the state of the industry, uncovering the top trends and innovations driving the retail conversation today. To assist in this effort, we’re rounded up five critical resources to read before attending Retail’s Big Show.

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The Challenge of Personalization at Scale

According to an article by McKinsey & Company called A Technology Blueprint for Personalization at Scale, personalization at scale has the potential to create between $1.7 to $3.0 trillion1 in new value across multiple industries from retail, and consumer packaged goods to travel and banking. Indeed, it is a crucial weapon in a marketer’s arsenal in delivering a world-class experience for its customers and bringing value to an organization.

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The Holiday Season is Here. Are You Ready?

The holiday season has arrived. With seasonal sales representing approximately 20-30% of annual retail sales each year, maximizing the holiday shopping experience for consumers is critical to the retail industry’s success. But where should retailers begin?

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Artificial Intelligence and the Modern Marketing Landscape

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a hot topic in nearly every industry, promising transformative benefits to an increasingly global market. When it comes to marketing, however, which historically has hinged on human-based interactions and personalization, is there a place for AI?

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The Future of Customer Engagement, Personalization & Loyalty

The modern retail industry is faced with a customer expectation paradox: the desire for both digitized engagements and human-like service. To address the paradox, retailers are increasingly turning to intelligent solutions that enable them to achieve 1:1 personalization across channels.

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The Risk of an Unsuccessful 1:1 Personalization Effort

According to research by Gartner, each added data dimension used to curtail an offer increases relevance by 5%, but simultaneously increases the risk that the message will be perceived as creepy. But what is ‘too much’ data? The reality is a failed personalization effort often stems not from the amount of data an enterprise uses, but rather a failure to identify the right data points to use to appeal to a customer.

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