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Personalized Real-Time Experiences

Staying power is harder to come by as consumer attention is shrinking. Meanwhile, brand loyalty is less important to younger shoppers. Overcoming these challenges requires custom experiences that convert — doing so in the age of privacy requires ZineOne.

Solve for Anonymous

On average, 90% of site traffic is anonymous. How can you tailor experiences to someone you don’t have data for? ZineOne Customer DNA™ uses machine learning to derive purchase intent in just 5 clicks.

Turn Data Into Actions

Know whether a visitor is likely to buy, bounce, or is on-the-fence and deliver AI-driven in-session marketing to further their customer journey. This advanced insight has provided a lift of 56% in purchase conversion rates for anonymous consumers.

Custom Experiences

ZineOne uses clickstream data rather than unreliable third-party cookies to predict customer intent and suggest relevant experiences in-session — empowering personalization regardless of channel or depth of user information.

Grow Revenue
With In-Session Marketing

ZineOne early prediction models and in-session marketing capabilities accurately identify the purchase intent of every visitor — both anonymous and known — and leverage machine learning to drive experiences that convert. Our platform has delivered $800 million in attributed revenue growth for top-tier brands.

Convert Anonymous Traffic

Build Brand Loyalty
With Impactful Experiences

Modern consumers expect personalization. However, the same shoppers are withholding the data marketers require to customize site visits. ZineOne removes the reliance on personally identifiable information (PII) and replaces it with AI technology to rapidly analyze micro-behaviors and determine in-session intent — enabling targeted messaging in the moment.

Personalize Experiences

Empowering Businesses Everywhere

With over 1 million events processed per minute, our 100 million profiles are able to response to customers in under 250 miliseconds.

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