Inflation Hurting Profit Margins?

Maximize Revenue with Intelligent, Scalable Offers Management

AI-Driven Pricing and Promotions

Not every visitor to your website is looking to purchase. ZineOne Customer DNA™ uses AI technology to derive purchase intent in just 5 clicks — alerting you to who’s likely to buy, bounce, or is on-the-fence. Upsell products to high propensity shoppers, and reserve promotional discounts for visitors who may need a little nudge to complete that purchase.

Intelligent Pricing Strategy

ZineOne early prediction models and in-session marketing capabilities accurately identify the purchase intent of every visitor — both anonymous and known. This level of real-time insight enables you to intelligently adjust or suppress an offer while the user is still active on your site or app.

Track the Margins

Leverage continuous sequencing to calculate early purchase propensity scores using ZineOne models in real-time, at scale. Our team works with yours to optimize and track monthly margin savings and compare the results with control groups to ensure what you’re doing is working.

Target Micro-Segments

ZineOne helps you segment your web visitors based on in-session micro-behaviors — meaning what they’re currently doing informs how you react. This sophisticated intel unlocks a smarter way of presenting active visitors with the appropriate banners.

Reduce Margin Loss
With In-Session Marketing

Your customers are giving you buying signals with every tap, swipe, and click. Turning these signals into action is at the core of ZineOne’s in-session marketing. Now you can use real-time clickstream insights to power dynamic promotions and pricing — an advantage that has given our users an 88% reduction in margin loss.

Convert Anonymous Traffic

Goodbye Sitewide Offers
Hello Strategic Promotions

Customizing promotions at scale can be difficult, especially when 90% of site traffic is anonymous. ZineOne early prediction models work on AI and machine learning to accurately predict intent and provide direction on whether to deploy or suppress an offer (even the discount amount) depending on whether that visit is likely to result in a purchase.

Eliminate Sitewide Banners

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