AI Powered Real-Time Personalization for QSRs

Drive foot traffic, increase purchase frequency and incentivize loyalty

In today’s $825B U.S. restaurant industry, Quick Service Restaurants are looking for competitive advantage. With increased customer adoption of all things digital, it’s clear that there is huge opportunity for QSRs to engage with tech savvy new age customers.

But with opportunity comes challenge, such as understanding and catering to the ever evolving preferences and expectations of diners. So how do you win in this hyper-competitive space?

McDonald’s, one of the largest QSR’s on the planet, recently invested $300 million in a Personalization technology vendor. Why? To deliver a more customized experience to their customers.

This acquisition shows that the biggest players are getting serious about using AI and Machine Learning to offer their customers personalized experiences. And for those who haven’t devised a concrete digital transformation and personalized customer engagement strategy, the time to act is NOW!

The good news is that not everyone needs to make a multi-million dollar investment to provide personalized customer experiences. That’s where ZineOne comes in. If you’re serious about personalization, download the solution brief on AI Powered Real-Time Personalization for QSRs.

Learn how YOU can execute on hyper-personalized customer engagement leveraging weather, location and cross channel context.

ZineOne results speak for themselves:

  • 50% increase in revenue per visitor, leveraging dynamic personalized pricing
  • 9% increase in revenue per visitor, surfacing popular menu items
  • 3% increase in revenue per visitor, delivering real-time loyalty rewards reminders

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Using real-time stream processing and event correlation, the ZineOne Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) provides enterprises continuous, ‘in-the-moment’ intelligence about each customer, and applies AI to immediately deliver a personalized experience that truly resonates.

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