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Take privacy-forward commerce to the next level with ZineOne’s in-session marketing platform powered by advanced machine learning.

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“Customized machine learning models accurately learned consumer preferences and predict their intent, enabling one to one experiences from every one of our visitors and customers.”


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Key Capabilities

The ZineOne in-session marketing platform improves conversions and other business outcomes.


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Predictive Segmentation

Divide your digital consumers into sub-groups based on their predictive behaviors, such as propensity to buy.


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Respond to short-term behaviors immediately and intelligently while visitors are still on your site.


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Track increases in revenue, margin savings, and purchase conversion rates by adding in-session marketing to your stack.

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Increasing eCommerce Revenue
Benefits You Can Expect
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Enterprise-grade revenue-generating platform
  • Integrate with existing tech stack
  • Consumer experiences strategy planning
  • Unlock anonymous consumer segmentation
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Very impactful business insights. Innovative solutions that are easy to adopt.”

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“ZineOne is a leader in using ML for personalization and revenue growth.

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Our FAqs

How does Predictive Segmentation increase conversions?

  • Clickstream data and continuous sequencing, powered by ZineOne’s Customer DNA, predicts purchase intent.
  • Our sophisticated models analyze short-term user behaviors to predict which consumers will make a purchase, which visitors will not make a purchase, and those who are on-the-fence of purchasing while in the session.
  • Predictive segments are based on behaviors, not demographics, so consumers get the experience they expect without sharing personal data.

What’s unique about ZineOne’s approach to Triggered Experiences?

  • Personalize experiences based on consumers’ buying propensity in that moment, for anonymous and known visitors, no CRM nor historical data needed.
  • In addition to all the standard triggers expected, ZineOne levels up your capabilities by adding a next-generation predictive and actionable intelligence layer.
  • Personalize experiences based on consumers’ buying propensity, even if you know nothing else about them.

How does ZineOne measure business outcomes such as revenue increase?

  • Our outcomes-based approach is at the heart of what we do.
  • We always maintain a control group, from 10% – 50% of your site traffic to compare platform effectiveness.
  • We run reports and have dashboards showing average order value increases, overall revenue impact, margin savings and conversion rate lifts – and you can run your own analytics reports.
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