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An intelligent customer engagement platform to serve up 1:1 experiences at restaurants and convenience stores.

Convert more visitors into customers, in-the-moment, while they are engaged with you. Offer personalized and relevant incentives that drive traffic to your locations and build lasting customer loyalty. Use AI to understand and respond to every visitor’s context and activity while solving the challenge of personalized engagement at scale. No matter your use case, we have a customized demo for you.

marketing optimization

View the entire visitor clickstream history across multiple channels such as Web, Mobile App, Chatbot, POS, Kiosks, and more.

marketing optimization

Obtain an understanding of what menu items and products are trending in real-time, at any location, at any point in time.

marketing optimization

Leverage location, proximity, and weather intelligence for targeted and contextual outreach.

marketing optimization

Show recommendations in real-time, while the visitor is interacting with your channel to convert more visitors into customers.

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