Top 5 Questions About Intelligent Personalization

Forrester Analyst Brendan Witcher Explains It All

ZineOne Forrester eBook Top 5 Questions About Intelligent Personalization

In this eBook, Brendan Witcher, VP Principal Analyst of Forrester, answers five of the most pressing questions about personalization that brands are looking answers for:

  1. What does personalization mean for those who are just starting out vs. those who already have a personalization strategy in place?
  2. What are the key differences between rule-based and AI-driven personalization?
  3. What are the challenges of delivering omnichannel personalization at scale?
  4. What are the data sources and customer touchpoints to consider to deliver personalized experiences?
  5. What kind of ROI does AI-based personalization deliver?

Brendan Witcher has extensive experience covering consumer-oriented, cross-vertical topics in the areas of personalization, e-commerce, omnichannel, CX best practices, engagement strategies, and conversion optimization.

Download this eBook to understand why Brendan thinks “Personalization is not a tactic – it is a strategy for creating relevant, value-added experiences along the entire customer journey.”

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