Next-Gen Personalization 

What’s the future of personalization when third-party cookies, IDFAs, and PII are no longer reliable? Next-gen personalization guides tailored experiences in-session by using live clickstream data — making it possible to customize every touchpoint, even when the user is anonymous. Access the white paper to see how a top footwear brand leverages next-gen personalization to realize a:

  • 30% conversion rate lift for the on-the-fence shoppers
  • 11% revenue per visitor increase on the site overall

Next-gen personalization applies real-time capabilities that consider all active users
on your digital properties with the intention of understanding micro-behaviors in order
to drive conversions. The solution doesn’t require third-party cookies, IDFAs, unique
IDs, CRM data, or any other PII, so marketers can continue to deliver personalization at
scale — even as consumer data is harder to come by.

Next-gen personalization is powered by patented AI models that accurately predict purchase intent in-the-moment and automatically identify micro-segments to help brands deploy relevant experiences that

Key capabilities of next-gen personalization include:

  • Triggered experiences
  • Predictive segmentation of anonymous visitors
  • Measurable outcomes that drive immediate incremental results

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