Connect cross-session, cross-channel user activity
to increase conversion and customer loyalty

Real time personalization of your loyalty program

It costs a lot less to keep existing customers than to acquire new ones. One of the best ways to retain your customers is by establishing an effective loyalty program and communicating the benefits available to them at the time they need that information. Encourage usage and increase your loyalty reward redemption with ZineOne’s hyper-personalized communication with every customer about their reward details based on their intent, location, and most immediate context.

Real time personalization for cart reminders

More than three-fourth of shoppers drop off the site without completing a purchase after adding an item to their online cart. That’s too many potential customers lost, and far too much in unclaimed revenue. Boost your cart recovery 5x more than the results produced by generic emails. Engage with every customer with relevant information when they arrive on your website or store, based on what’s in their cart, price drop or age of the cart.

Real-time personalization of in-store experience

Personalize customer engagement within the store with contextual geofenced recommendations and notifications based on customer location in the store and the products they have viewed/added to cart online. Further enhance the in-store experience by instantly communicating to store associates about the arrival of high-value customers and by helping them manage long lines and wait time effectively and efficiently.

Connect online with in-store experience

Today’s customer journey is truly omni-channel with no predictability to the customer’s path-to-purchase. Don’t lose out on your customers’ complete context as they weave in and out of multiple channels — mobile apps, websites or stores. Surprise and delight your customer by seamlessly connecting their online journey with the offline store journey to deliver truly personalized and relevant experiences that deepen customer loyalty and boost sales.

See how our customers are using ZineOne’s personalized engagement at scale

ZineOne Banking Offer Use Case

Activity Driven Offers

Trigger offers based on in-the moment activity

Drive Traffic to Store

Drive Traffic to Store

Incentivize users to visit your store when they are in the vicinity with location-based notifications



Drive loyalty through activity-driven engagement on loyalty points. Keep users engaged and informed as they shop

Transaction Completion

Transaction Completion

Pick up on cross-channel and cross-session browsing patterns. Interact in real time to lead users to complete transactions

Buy Online Pick Up At Store

Buy Online Pick Up At Store

Connect the dots between the desktop, app and in-store. Provide customers with information on products viewed online at the time of in-store pickup

New Inventory


Make sure your customers know all the cool products and features that are available to them based on their usage and profile

New product/feature launches

High Touch Concierge

Offer in-the-moment help based on contextual activity


ZineOne Datasheet:

Real-Time, Contextual Customer Engagement SaaS Hub

Real-Time Customer Engagement Hub:

Event-Driven, Cross-Channel Personalization

Personalizing the In-Store Journey (Part – I)

Connecting the online and in-store customer journey

Personalizing the In-Store Journey (Part – II)

Harnessing AI to power event-driven contextual engagement