Real-Time Offers Professional (RTO Pro)

AI-powered solution that delivers 1:1 personalized offers in real-time. Activate your 30-day no-obligation RTO Pro pilot to increase revenue and maximize returns on your site.

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An example of a personalized, real-time offer to nudge a hesitating visitor to make a purchase.

How RTO Pro Solution Delivers Value for Your Company

Using ZineOne's Early Purchase Prediction ML-model, RTO Pro enables you to:

1. Accurately predict purchase propensity in real-time and determine if the visitor will purchase or bounce
2. Analyze your visitors' real-time activity and determine which "on-the-fence" shoppers should be influenced
3. Show each ‘on-the-fence' shopper a unique 1:1 real-time offer to nudge them to make a purchase

Example of a Real-Time Offer

rto pro

RTO Pro Results

RTO Pro is a great way to bump up your revenue quickly and easily.
A Top 10 U.S. Retailer achieved these strong results over a 30-day period:

Lift over control
in conversion rate
revenue lift
Lift over control
in revenue per visitor

What You Need to Get Started

It requires minimal effort on your part with no deployment or pilot cost for this 30-day offering

Select one domain where you want to implement real-time offers.
Add our RTO SDK to your website. This is typically done via tag management and it shouldn't take longer than 2-4 hours of your time.

Once you’ve done the above, you are ready to deliver personalized real-time offers that delight customers, foster loyalty, and increase revenue.