Promote better banking with real-time interaction management for in-the-moment customer needs.

The rise of 'everywhere banking' which spans multiple channels, locations, and times requires a new form of 'everywhere engagement.'

The age of customer-centricity has reached the finance industry, and customers are demanding seamless cross-channel engagement and assistance. But while financial institutions are amassing customer data and deploying new channels, they face significant personalization challenges, particularly in light of their highly-regulated environment. Financial institutions need a compliant solution that optimizes customer data to deliver truly personalized experiences at scale, which can, in turn, drive transaction completion, increase engagement, and improve revenues and margins.

The ZineOne Customer Engagement Hub does just that, optimizing past and streaming customer data like never before with an AI-powered decision engine that reacts to individual needs and interests in real-time on a 1:1 level. This empowers financial institutions to create seamless cross-channel digital experiences that drive better engagement and generate significant savings.

Harnessing machine learning on data in motion, the ZineOne Customer Engagement Hub enables financial institutions to:

Combine Cross-Channel Customer Data for a 360º View

The ZineOne Customer Engagement Hub provides full situational awareness about each customer based on their transaction history, real-time signals, and environmental variables. This individual customer data is gathered at scale from a variety of cross-channel sources, such as:

Streaming Real-Time Signals

  • Current online activity
  • Incomplete forms & transactions
  • In-person transactions
  • Loyalty/Reward program status

Environmental Variables

  • Current location
  • Local time
  • Stock Price

Historic Data

  • Past transactions
  • Previous interactions

Achieve Continuous Engagement Across Channels

ZineOne's wealth of real-time streaming data and historic customer insights not only empowers financial institutions to fully understand each customer in real-time and on a 1:1 basis, but it also triggers personalized experiences in just milliseconds. By delivering messages that are relevant to a customer's needs and interests on that customer's current channel, ZineOne encourages the continuation of financial activities from platform to platform—regardless of where the original interaction was initiated. This includes:

  • Web
  • ATM
  • Mobile App
  • In Branch
  • Smart Watch
  • Chatbot

Unlock Machine Learning & Customer Experience Analytics for Engagement that Resonates

Powered by an AI-enabled decision layer, ZineOne automatically transmits engaging messages that are designed to resonate with customers in-the-moment based on their past and present data. These messages, offers, and notifications are each highly personalized based on customers' unique influence zone—or their specific combination of location, time horizon, channel, past brand interactions, and more—making them optimized to provide assistance in current ventures, facilitate form completion, and encourage receptive customers to explore new possibilities with their financial

With machine learning capabilities, the ZineOne CEH is able to deliver increasingly intelligent and relevant messages in order to:
  • Educate and onboard new financial clients with helpful information delivered right when they need it.
  • Drive form and transaction completion across channels with continuous engagement capabilities.
  • Boost awareness of related offerings that may be of interest based on a customer's transaction history.
  • Offer ongoing engagement assistance while customers are visiting their branch with tools such as geofencing and credit card-driven triggers.

Drive Intelligent, Personalized Transactions

By delivering cross-channel personalization of experiences designed to assist customers in real-time as they navigate a portal, site, or app, financial intuitions can leverage AI to significantly increase transaction completion—in some cases, by up to 20%. With the ZineOne CEH, financial institutions can optimize transactions and encourage customers to explore new financial possibilities, all while driving significant cost savings.

Deploy Smart Interactions On Every Channel

The ZineOne Customer Engagement Hub empowers financial institutions to effectively leverage next-gen financial applications that increase customer loyalty, sales, and value at scale in today's cross-channel financial world.

  • Activity-Driven Interactions

    that are triggered based on real-time online and on-premises activity.

  • Customer Onboarding

    to educate visitors with in-the-moment information and relevant assistance.

  • Credit Card-Driven Actions

    that leverage card activity to pinpoint customer location and deliver applicable offers.

  • Form & Transaction Completion

    that preserves and acts on customer to drive completion, no matter the current channel.

  • New Product/Feature Launches

    to promote related offers based on past and present customer activity.

  • Location-Based Engagement

    that correlates current location with likely activity, then deploys appropriate interactions.

  • Real-Time Assistance

    on a 1:1 level based on event-driven, situational data.

Ready to succeed in the new age of intelligent customer engagement?