Quick Service Restaurants
& Convenience Stores

Transform the momentary interactions with your customers with intelligent personalization

With consumers being inundated with a glut of generic messages, only brands that understand customers' needs and motivations to offer meaningful experiences will create loyalty, frequency and relevancy.

Built for speed and convenience, Quick Service Restaurants and Convenience Stores align well with consumers’ on-the-go lifestyle today. But with increased availability of options, such as same-day delivery from e-commerce sites and order-online-pick-up-at-location, QSRs and C-stores are now looking to offer highly personalized shopping experiences. This means making the most of the few moments with the customer with hyper targeted, 1:1 interactions.

Powered by AI, ZineOne's Intelligent Customer Engagement platform helps enterprises move away from persona-based marketing to interact with every customer as a segment of one. Whether it's coupons and promotions based on past purchases or remembering their preference for "no mayo and extra jalapenos" in sandwiches, ZineOne's all-in-one platform can deliver tailored experiences to make the fleeting moments with every customer matter.

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform enables restaurants and convenience stores to deliver AI-powered experience personalization.

Become a Brand of One with a 360º View of Every Customer

Powered by ML and AI, ZineOne’s Intelligent Customer Engagement platform provides continuous augmented intelligence about every customer's needs and intent. ZineOne's inbuilt virtual CDP ingests and analyzes real-time, historic and environmental data variables to come up with a cohesive view of every customer that is constantly being updated with every change of the customer's context. ZineOne collects and processes:

Streaming Real-Time Signals

Streaming Real-Time Signals

  • Current browsing activity
  • Online order in progress
  • In-store purchase in progress
  • Current loyalty/reward balance
Environmental Variables

Environmental Variables

  • Current location
  • In-store location
  • Events and holidays
  • Local time
  • Area weather
Historic Data

Historic Data

  • Previous purchases and orders
  • Food preferences
  • Locations visited in the past
Real-Time Omni-Channel Interactions

Drive Traffic to Store with Real-Time Omni-Channel Interactions

Using individual insights from real-time customer data stream, combined with each customer's past transaction data as well as environmental variables, the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform triggers the delivery of hyper-personalized shopping experiences. Whether a shopper is browsing items in-store, looking up the online menu, using a mobile app, or is near the store, ZineOne reaches out to them at the right time with relevant information to motivate them to enter the store and drive incremental revenue. ZineOne renders this personalization via:

  • Web
  • POS
  • Kiosks
  • Mobile App
    Mobile App
  • In-Store Alerts
    In-Store Alerts
  • Smart Watch
    Smart Watch
  • Email
In-the-Moment Interactions with Every Customer

Create Scalable Relevancy for In-the-Moment Interactions with Every Customer

Powered with ML and AI, ZineOne's recommendation engine automates the delivery of relevant information and offers to every customer in real-time. By correlating present data, such as activity on channel, location, time, and more, and enriching it with historic data, ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform is able to determine each customer's affinity and intent, such as likelihood to convert, to enter the store, and predisposition to buy an item.

Drawing on the evolving customer context and insights, ZineOne triggers pertinent messages that captivate customers and:
  • Drive visits to the store or to the restaurant with cross-channel messages and geofencing
  • Guide customer experiences both online and offline with cross-channel, location-based messages
  • Encourage the use of loyalty points by proactively showing customers their potential cost savings before, during and after the on-site visit
  • Increase repeat visits through personalized reminders about the benefits and conveniences offered to the loyal customer
  • Grow average transaction totals by recognizing intent and promoting related items at time of purchase.
  • Boost sales, both in-store and online, with a connected customer journey that spans digital and physical environments.
In-the-Moment Customer Experience

Deliver Individualized, In-the-Moment Customer Experience

By gaining situational awareness about every customer, restaurants and stores can now equip themselves with real-time insights to craft engagement that is germane to every customer journey. With ZineOne, businesses can automate and achieve memorable customer experiences that help them stay ahead of the pack and drive brand loyalty.

Take Customer Experience to the Next Level with Context,
Location and Personalization

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform's next-gen personalization empowers enterprises to increase foot traffic, boost brand loyalty, and drive incremental revenue at scale.

  • Drive Traffic to Store

    Drive Traffic to Store

    with compelling and meaningful notifications

  • Loyalty Reminders

    Loyalty Reminders

    that keep customers informed about their points as they shop

  • Time, Weather and Location-Sensitive Offers

    Time, Weather and Location-Sensitive Offers

    dynamically deployed at the right time for maximum impact and experience

  • Cross Sell/Upsell

    Cross Sell/Upsell

    to promote related products based on past and present customer activity

Ready to succeed in the new age of intelligent customer engagement?

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