Deliver the personalized shopping experiences today's customers expect

Modern customers demand to be known, understood, and assisted by retail enterprises in real time - and their rising expectations require a new approach to engagement.

The effect of ever-present digital connections to brands has altered the way that today's customers interact with retailers. Not only does each customer want to be engaged on a 1:1 level with relevant notifications, offers, and assistance from their favorite retail stores, but they also want retailers to initiate such engagement—in real-time, on the right channel, based on their evolving in-the-moment needs and interests.

Leveraging AI for powerful personalization, the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform was built from the ground up to support the expectations of today’s customers, giving retailers a unified view of each shopper at scale in order to engage them in real-time and in ways that will increase sales, loyalty, and lifetime customer value.

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform enables retailers to use the power of AI to personalize each interaction at scale.

Correlate Data On-The-Go to Create a 360º View of Shoppers

Unified insight into shoppers' mindsets, both online and off, is powered by a wealth of historic, real-time, and environment data. The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform combines past and present data from individual customers at scale in a single stream that includes:

Streaming Real-Time Signals

Streaming Real-Time Signals

  • Current online browsing patterns
  • Digital endpoint interactions
  • Digital cart items
  • Loyalty/Reward balance
Environmental Variables

Environmental Variables

  • Current location
  • Local time
  • Area weather
Historic Data

Historic Data

  • Previous store transactions
  • Past interactions

Engage Shoppers In-Store and Online with a Seamless Omni-channel Experience

Using individual insights from this real-time customer data stream, combined with each customer's historic retail data, the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform triggers the delivery of personalized experiences on shoppers' current channel. Whether a shopper is browsing items in-store, online, or using a mobile app, ZineOne reaches them in-the-moment via:

  • Web
  • POS
  • Mobile
  • In-Store Alerts
    In-Store Alerts
  • Smart Watch
    Smart Watch
Machine Learning & Customer Experience Analytics

Leverage Machine Learning & Customer Experience Analytics to Deploy Smart Interactions

ZineOne's AI-powered decision layer automatically deploys the most relevant messages and offers to customers in real-time by combining past and present retail data to determine each customers' unique influence zone - the combination of channel, location, time, and more that informs how the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform personalizes each engagement.

Built-in machine learning allows ZineOne to adapt to shoppers’ evolving interests in order to deliver increasingly effective messages that:
  • Guide shopper experiences both on - and offline via cross-channel messages and in-store geofencing.
  • Encourage the use of loyalty points by proactively showing customers their potential cost savings.
  • Assist in transaction completion by alerting customers to item availability and price when they enter the store or website.
  • Increase average transaction totals by recognizing intent and promoting related items at time of purchase.
  • Boost sales, both in-store and online, with a connected customer journey that spans digital and physical environments.
Increase Lifetime Customer Value with Elevated Customer Engagement

Increase Lifetime Customer Value with Elevated Customer Engagement

Ultimately, by gaining full contextual awareness about each shopper and then interacting with them in-the-moment based on their current mindset, retailers are leveraging AI for a human touch that builds loyalty and drive sales across all channels. With ZineOne, retail enterprises can rapidly set themselves apart from other stores and begin fostering lasting customer value.

Unleash Intelligent Customer Interactions
in Your Retail Environment

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform’s next-gen retail applications empower enterprises to increase customer loyalty, sales, and value at scale in today’s hyper-personalized shopping environment.

  • Activity-Driven Offers

    Activity-Driven Offers

    that are triggered in-session based on real-time activity, both online and in-store.

  • Increased Store Traffic

    Increased Store Traffic

    incentivized by time- and location-sensitive notifications.

  • Loyalty Reminders

    Loyalty Reminders

    that keep customers informed about their points as they shop.

  • Transaction Completion

    Transaction Completion

    to finalize unfinished sales across channels and sessions.

  • Store Pick-Up Offers

    Store Pick-Up Offers

    that remind customers of relevant items at the time of in-store pickup.

  • Announcements


    to increase customer awareness of new products that may be of interest.

  • Real-Time Assistance

    Real-Time Assistance

    on a 1:1 level based on event-driven, situational data.

Ready to succeed in the new age of intelligent customer engagement?

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