AI-Based Personalization Provides 10%+ Revenue Uplift

From emails to pop-ups to push notifications, today’s consumers are inundated with offers from retailers. But the influx of irrelevant engagement only muddies the waters for consumers, leading to lower conversion and rising cart abandonment rates. How can retailers cut through the clutter and stand out to their customers?

A top 10 U.S. department store chain partnered with ZineOne to seek an answer to this question.

In this case study we delve into how ZineOne enabled the retailer to drive online conversions with personalized and relevant in-session interventions with:

  • Personalization based on customers’ in-session context
  • A single customer view across channels and enterprise systems
  • Machine Learning (ML) for optimized decisions and delivery of engagement

Download this case study to learn how ZineOne’s Intelligent Customer Engagement platform deepens customer relationships, brand affinity, and loyalty in real-time.