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Must-Haves for True Machine Learning

Posted by: Seth Jennings
Debunking the top myths surrounding machine learning models for smart customer engagement We’ve all heard about machine learning (ML) and...

Patterns, Predictions & Personalization

Posted by: Sona Sharma
Machine Learning Use Cases for Optimized Customer Engagement While it may seem contradictory, advancements in technology are giving customer engagement...

The What, When & How of Real-Time Personalization

Posted by: Debjani Deb
Why is "Customer DNA" Crucial for Effective Customer Engagement In today’s hyper-connected world, customers expect enterprises to cater to their...

Injecting Real-Time Personalization at Scale with Machine Learning

Posted by: Sona Sharma
Built to provide amenities with speed and ease, convenience stores are well-aligned with the on-the-go lifestyle of today’s consumers. But...

Machine Learning Models in Event-Driven Architectures

Posted by: Aurobindo Sarkar
A variety of real-world processes produce sequences of data whose complex temporal dynamics need to be modeled. For example, real...

Personalization.AI: A New Paradigm in Customer Engagement

Posted by: Debjani Deb
In the last six months we have seen significant emergence and focus on personalization projects within the large enterprise. Today...

It’s All About Data and Learning for Bankers

Posted by: Leo Merle
The buzz at the 2018 Financial Brand Forum this week was all about adopting machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies...

AI Powered Customer Engagement in Banking

Posted by: Sona Sharma
Let’s say Sam, a Bank of Someplace customer, has his heart set on Tesla, model 3. He is currently shopping...

HDFC Bank partners with ZineOne to provide rich digital banking experience

Posted by: Sona Sharma
HDFC Bank Ltd., one of India's premier digital banks has partnered with ZineOne to provide rich digital banking experience to...

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