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To Buy or to Build Your Real-time Personalization Platform?

Posted by: Aurobindo Sarkar
The Pros  and Cons of Constructing a Real-time Personalization Platform Internally versus Partnering with an External Provider These days, achieving...

How to Expedite Engagement for Rapid Results

Posted by: Leo Merle
Breaking Down Customer Data Silos to Enable Real-Time Personalization It’s no secret that customer experience has evolved in recent years...

Personalization Housekeeping for the Hospitality Sector

Posted by: Leo Merle
What Hospitality Providers Should Have in Place to Optimize Real-Time Personalization Efforts From crowdsourced rentals to boutique inns, the hospitality...

Seamless Shopping for Dads and Grads

Posted by: Leo Merle
How Real-Time Personalization Engages Shoppers of Graduation & Father’s Day Gifts As graduation ceremonies and Father’s Day celebrations approach, shoppers...

The What, When & How of Real-Time Personalization

Posted by: Debjani Deb
Why is "Customer DNA" Crucial for Effective Customer Engagement In today’s hyper-connected world, customers expect enterprises to cater to their...

Why Enterprises Need an All-in-One Customer Engagement Hub

Posted by: Sona Sharma
Today, almost every major industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. From retail to hospitality to finance, much...

Injecting Real-Time Personalization at Scale with Machine Learning

Posted by: Sona Sharma
Built to provide amenities with speed and ease, convenience stores are well-aligned with the on-the-go lifestyle of today’s consumers. But...

Delivering Elevated, Differentiated Guest Experiences with Real-Time Personalization

Posted by: Sona Sharma
The hotel industry may be one of the fastest growing sectors in hospitality, but it is also operating in a...

Real-Time Personalization as Powerful Motivation

Posted by: Sona Sharma
Driving In-Store Visits Using Contextual Engagement What does it take to persuade more shoppers to visit restaurants and stores in...
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