Experience the #1 AI-powered personalization platform and quickly convert more visitors into customers.

The 45-day, no obligation trial is a great way to realize the value of the ICE platform quickly. It will help you to understand visitor activity better and obtain insights into their intent so you can take relevant and timely action.

Here is what’s included:

marketing optimization

Actionable predictions, made by our patent-pending machine learning models which incorporate live clickstream data from your ‘.com’ or ‘m.com’ to accurately predict purchase propensity in real-time. This will arm you with insights on how to best engage with your visitors.

marketing optimization

Purchase Propensity model. This pre-trained Machine Learning model will predict, in real-time, whether your online visitors will buy or not during the session, based on their online behavior.

marketing optimization

ZineOne Customer DNA dashboard access, which shows the entire visitor clickstream activity, all in real time.

marketing optimization

Insights into what is trending with your visitors, in real-time for the channel selected for this trial.

The trial is an ideal way to gain insights into your visitor and customer base as they are interacting with you in real-time across all channels and to also test the accuracy of our prediction engine.

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