Eliminate sitewide banners

Say goodbye to sitewide popup modals and hello to intelligently curated experiences that optimize conversions based on user behaviors and propensity scores.

Get strategic with your onsite experiences

A leading bank in one of the largest economies in the world intelligently reduced monthly web banners from over 50 to just 9 displays per customer while maintaining their upsell conversions using ZineOne.

Elevate your personalization tactics

For visitors showing a strong propensity to buy during their session – get out of their way and let them complete their purchase. For folks on the fence – prompt them with a time-limited incentive for that session. And then reserve your first-party data gathering signup CTA only for visitors not interested in buying today.

One size does not fit all

Get better results by micro-segmenting your web visitors in real-time and presenting them appropriate banners based on their behaviors, instead of a ‘spray and pray’ approach.

How does it work?

ZineOne’s real time marketing platform uses its patented Customer DNA™ to discover buyer intent and personalize the appropriate message for that session.

Getting started is easy

Our ZineOne RevPredict™ program will walk you through expected ROI based on your numbers.
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