Personalize Experiences Without PII

Deliver personalized customer experiences without the need of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Discover intent within 5 clicks

Last visit they were just browsing. Today they’re ready to buy. Wouldn’t you like to know your visitors’ intent during each session? With ZineOne’s patented AI technology, within 5 clicks we score the visitor’s likelihood to make a purchase in that session. Then personalize their experience accordingly within milliseconds.

Personalization in a privacy-forward world

Increasing consumer privacy regulations demand new approaches to personalization. Stay in compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy mandates while personalizing each web session using sophisticated AI / ML models from ZineOne.

Data privacy is changing the rules

Privacy regulations are causing select marketing practices to evolve or disappear – such as building a 360 degree view of your customer or retargeting with pinpoint accuracy. Top brands are adopting new, advanced AI processes from ZineOne that require no PII to deliver enhanced digital experiences.

How does it work?

ZineOne’s Real-Time Marketing Platform uses its patented Customer DNA™ to discover buyer intent and adjust what the next move should be to optimize ROI – an inventory scarcity message, a free shipping nudge, a loyalty sign up or other appropriate action for that session.

Getting started is easy

Our ZineOne RevPredict™ program will walk you through expected ROI based on your numbers.
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