Preserve margin on your web store and apps

Discover your visitors’ purchase intent within a few clicks and maximize revenue with intelligent offer suppression and optimization at scale

Drive incremental revenue

ZineOne’s AI-driven technology observes site visitor behavior and automatically adjusts who receives which offer to maximize overall sales. Upsell products to high propensity shoppers, and reserve promotional discounts only for visitors who may be influenced with an incentive.

Suppress offers using sophisticated models

What makes ZineOne offer suppression so unique is the platform’s ability to discover a visitors’ purchase intent in that session, and intelligently adjust or suppress an offer in real-time.

Your visitors are giving you buying signals

With ZineOne’s patented Customer DNA™ technology, we use continuous sequencing to calculate early purchase propensity scores using sophisticated models in real-time, at scale. We’ll work with your analytics, pricing and ecommerce teams to optimize and track monthly margin savings compared with control groups.

ZineOne fits into your existing tech stack

ZineOne’s Real-Time Marketing Platform can be implemented as a full solution with predictions, triggers and activation. And yet, you may choose to integrate ZineOne’s intelligence layer with your own testing, discounting and personalization tools. The choice is yours.

Getting started is easy

Our ZineOne RevPredict™ program will walk you through expected ROI based on your numbers.
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