Quick Service Restaurants

Transform the momentary interactions with your customers with intelligent personalization

With consumers now inundated with a glut of generic messages, only brands that understand customers’ needs and motivations to offer meaningful experiences will create loyalty, frequency, and relevancy.

Contextual and Real-Time Customer Experiences that Matter

Built for speed and convenience, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and Convenience Stores (C-stores) align well with consumers’ on-the-go lifestyle today. But with increased availability of options, such as same-day delivery from e-commerce sites and order-online-pick-up-at-location, QSRs and C-stores are now looking to offer highly personalized shopping experiences. Whether it’s coupons and promotions based on past purchases or remembering their preference for “no mayo and extra jalapenos” in sandwiches, QSRs and C-stores need a solution that can make the most of the fleeting moments with the customer through hyper-targeted, 1:1 interactions.

Take Customer Experience to the Next Level with Context, Location, and Personalization

ZineOne’s next-gen personalization platform empowers businesses to increase foot traffic, boost brand loyalty, and drive incremental revenue at scale.
Mobilize Store and Restaurant Traffic
Location and Proximity Intelligence
Environmental Intelligence
Predictive Behavioral Tracking
Geo-fencing and Digital Signage
Loyalty Reward Reminders
Influence Customers with Social Proof

Mobilize Store and Restaurant Traffic

Incentivize with relevant and timely promotions

Want to drive higher traffic to your location? Send an exclusive offer for a customer’s favorite beverage, redeemable on-site only. Are you looking to increase orders during a typical lull period? Push the customer a coupon for an item they frequently purchase, redeemable in the store during that time frame only.

Location and Proximity Intelligence

1:1 outreach in real-time

Serve up location-centric push notifications via your mobile app to drive customer

traffic to a particular location that makes the most sense at a given time. These decisions, made based on the real-time context of your customers and their locations, keep wait times down for lasting satisfaction and loyalty.

Environmental Intelligence

Interactions based on changes in the weather

Effective 1:1 customer engagement requires consideration of a wide range of environmental factors—such as temperature or time of day—at every transaction. With this real-time data in mind, you can better forecast customer needs and preferences to reach out to them with meaningful information, in that moment.

Predictive Behavioral Tracking

Customer insights orchestrate customer experiences

Correlate your customer’s present activity on any channel, location, time, and more, with their historic purchase data to determine each customer’s affinity and intent, such as likelihood to convert, to enter the store, and predisposition to buy an item.

Geo-fencing and Digital Signage

Faster, targeted ordering

Provide personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint—whether they are in the drive-thru, at the front counter, or purchasing on a mobile phone. Help your customers make purchase decisions by showing them their favorite items, or products that are appropriate for the current weather or time of the day.

Loyalty Reward Reminders

Building lasting customer relationships

Loyalty program participation is not only integral for you to collect data on customer purchasing patterns, but also provides the ultimate channel to engage in personalized 1:1 outreach. This could be timely reminders about the availability of reward points as they enter your store or are browsing the menu; or the impending expiry date of the points;+ or any other meaningful information that will nudge them to participate in the rewards program.

Influence Customers with Social Proof

Alleviate product confusion and boost product confidence  

When it comes to selecting what item(s) to recommend, you can turn to social proof—influencing customer action by the actions of other customers—to prompt a customer’s decision to experiment with choices beyond their typical preferences, or foster confidence in a product or in its price.

Drawing on the evolving customer context and insights, ZineOne triggers pertinent messages that captivate customers and:

Drive visits to the store or to the restaurant

with cross-channel messages and geofencing

Guide customer experiences

both online and offline with cross-channel, location-based messages.

Encourage the use of loyalty points

by proactively showing customers their potential cost savings before, during and after the on-site visit

Increase repeat visits

through personalized reminders about the benefits & conveniences offered to the loyal customer

Grow average transaction totals

by recognizing intent and promoting related items at time of purchase.

Boost sales, both in-store and online,

with a connected customer journey that spans digital and physical environments.

Deliver Individualized, In-the-Moment Customer Experience

By gaining situational awareness about every customer, restaurants and stores can now equip themselves with real-time insights to craft engagement that is germane to every customer journey. With ZineOne, businesses can automate and achieve memorable customer experiences that help them stay ahead of the pack and drive brand loyalty.

With ZineOne, businesses can take customer experience to the next level with context, location, and personalization possibilities, all while driving significant cost savings.

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