7 Strategies to Win Customers in Times of Crisis

What You Need to Succeed in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond

Many companies are challenged with minimizing COVID-19’s impact on their revenues. It’s clear that doubling down on a digital-first strategy is critical to adjust to the shifts in consumer behavior. However, an analysis by Gartner reveals that 71% of even the most digitally advanced companies are not helping customers with their most pressing questions and problems.

All companies can agree that it’s not business as usual but are uncertain which strategies to implement, what works, and how to make them happen quickly. Watch this webinar now to explore:

  • Best practices implemented by industry leaders
  • Digital strategies to mitigate revenue loss
  • How to prepare for a post-COVID restart
  • The webinar delves into examples of successful digital strategies in the Retail, Grocery, Quick Service Restaurants, Hospitality, and Banking industries.

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    Featured Speakers

    Janet Jaiswal, SVP of Marketing

    Janet Jaiswal
    SVP of Marketing

    Joe Ayyoub, Chief Customer Officer

    Joe Ayyoub
    Chief Customer Officer

    Kendra Chen, VP of Product

    Kendra Chen
    VP of Product