Marketing Strategies:

Innovating Your Digital Channels

Thu, Mar 18, 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET

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About the Webinar

In a short time, the pandemic moved up the adoption timeframe for the digital channels that normally would have taken a decade or so. Some of the behavior shifts and expectations are here to stay, making it critical for companies to plan accordingly. Attend this webinar to understand the major shifts B2C industries are experiencing and the strategies they are adopting to not only mitigate the pandemic’s effect but also to thrive in the next normal.

Join this insightful webinar to learn:

  • The changed role of the digital channels
  • An industry-by-industry overview of the pandemic’s effects
  • Strategies each industry is taking to mitigate the impact of the pandemic; which ones will remain for good

Meet the Speakers

Kendra Chen, VP of Product Management

Kendra Chen
VP of Product Management

Janet Jaiswal, SVP Marketing ZineOne

Janet Jaiswal
SVP of Marketing