Webinar Recording:

Winning the e-Commerce Race: Strategies to Secure Your Success

Hear about innovative strategies that can help drive incremental revenue on your site and deliver more personalized customer experiences in 2021.

About the Webinar

The pandemic has greatly increased the importance of eCommerce for consumers across industries. With the spotlight has come the imperative to transform the transactional nature of eCommerce to more experiential. As a result, companies have been heavily investing in their digital channels to make consumer interactions more relevant and personal, yet convenient and safe. But, what will happen when the pandemic is over, and physical locations start opening up again? 

Many predict that consumers’ habits have changed for good, and they will continue to prefer online shopping over other channels. Regardless, consumers will continue to have high expectations and demand that the companies with whom they interact with know and understand them. Hence, companies that provide hyper-personalized experiences will thrive and grow their business regardless of the economic climate.

You will hear about:

  • Consumers response to the pandemic and its impact on e-commerce
  • Business responses to changing consumer demand
  • How to identify hesitant shoppers and nudge them to make a purchase while they are still browsing
  • How to make consumer interactions more relevant and personal, yet convenient and secure
  • Transforming the transactional nature of e-commerce to more experiential


Our endeavor is to use AI and ML to know what a consumer wants in any given moment in time, at any given location so that it adds value to the consumer’s journey.

– Debjani Deb, CEO & Co-Founder

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