ML-based Personalization in the Age of Rising Consumer Expectations


Hear special guest speaker Brendan Witcher, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester, explaining why 72% of companies place “personalizing the customer experience” at the top of the list for opportunities to improve the customer experience at their company’s stores.

Today’s companies are operating in an Uber-like generation where greeting people by name in emails or injecting subject-line personalization are table stakes. Consumers today expect a truly individualized experience based on their intent and needs, where and when they want it.

Such a level of personalization requires the ability to collect and make sense of the ever-changing data crumbs that customers leave, make smart interpretations, and deliver meaningful interactions so every visitor and customer feels valued. 


Key Topics Include: 

  • Hot retail industry technology trends
  • Examples and results of ML-powered personalization use cases
  • A roadmap for how you can provide 1:1 personalization to all visitors and customers

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Meet the Speakers:

Brendan Witchter of Forrester will talk about personalization

Brendan Witcher
VP Principal Analyst, Forrester

Janet Jaiswal
SVP of Marketing, ZineOne

Kendra Chen
VP of Product, ZineOne

Get access to the webinar recording today, and watch it anytime at your convenience.
The live session occurred on Wednesday, February 5, 2020. The recording will be available for a limited time only.