Live Q&A featuring Brendan Witcher of Forrester

Conversion, Revenue & Loyalty: Achieving The Retail Trifecta Through AI and ML

Join us on Wednesday, June 16, 1 pm ET to discuss what it takes to truly win, serve, and retain digitally-savvy consumers and hear about the latest trends in the area of customer intelligence, predictive engagement, and personalization.

Featuring Brendan Witcher, Forrester VP/Principal Analyst

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on customer acquisition, the average conversion rate for a typical site ranges from 2% to 4%. In this session, we’ll discuss innovative solutions that leading brands are implementing to significantly improve conversions, drive incremental revenue, and meet rising consumers’ expectations.

Some of the topics include:

  • The state of digital commerce and how retailers are evolving to meet new consumer expectations
  • How retailers should be preparing for the elimination of 3rd-party cookies
  • Why creating better experiences requires companies to employ numerous forms of customer intelligence
  • How to personalize digital experiences for anonymous/first-time visitors
  • The often missed opportunities retailers fail to consider that can fuel better business outcomes
  • How retailers are winning market share by using AI and ML to operate at the speed of the customer

Whether you’d like to ask your questions live, email them over in advance, or simply listen in, do not hesitate to register – it will be an insightful conversation.

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Meet the Speakers

Brendan Witcher, Forrester VP/Principal Analyst

Brendan Witcher
Forrester VP/Principal Analyst

Debjani Deb, CEO of ZineOne

Debjani Deb
CEO & Co-Founder, ZineOne