Roundtable Conversation
On Real-Time Marketing

Real-time is not 30 seconds, 3 minutes, or 3 days … For today’s consumers, real-time means, first click, second click, third click, as they shop. They expect brands to authentically engage and respond to their evolving in-the-moment in-session needs and interests.

Join your peers for a small-group discussion to explore:

  • How to immediately identify visitors’ intent and leverage this intelligence to deliver hyper-personalized experiences while they are still in session
  • How leading companies are using real-time intelligence and which use-cases are proving to be most effective
  • How real-time marketing drives conversions and revenue

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Sep 22, 12 pm ET

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Greetings from the Roundtable Host, Debjani Deb, ZineOne CEO & Co-Founder

Looking forward to seeing you online!