Why ZineOne?

ZineOne offers enterprises the next gen Customer Engagement Hub for Real-Time Personalization. The platform uses machine learning on streaming data to provide enterprises with the ability to interact with their customers in a highly contextual and personalized manner across all digital and physical channels. In other words, we empower enterprises to engage with their customers, in their most relevant and immediate context, while they are still on the channel … and not after they have left.

Omni-Channel View of Customers

Interactions between most enterprises and their customers today happen in silos. A customer might interact with a company across several different platforms and channels, with various departments and LOBs, at different locations — and each interaction is completely independent of the other. It’s the classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

Even the most loyal customer can get frustrated and annoyed with such treatment. With ZineOne’s Customer Engagement Hub, you can surprise and delight your customers by showing how well you know their needs and intent … their context. ZineOne enables an enterprise to pull all the customer data points together to get a complete 360° view of the customer journey by creating a single user profile across all channels, updated on a real-time basis. Use this information to connect with your customers in that moment as a “segment of one” based on who they are, what they are looking for.

Bridging Online to Offline

Many customers tend to research and plan their purchase online before visiting the store or a bank to complete the transaction. Each click stroke of the customer is a treasure trove of insights to the customer’s intent that is lost as the customer weaves in and out of different channels and enters the store or a branch. In this interwoven world of digital and physical channels, enterprises need a strategy where offline channels, such as stores or branches, and digital channels can coexist and complement each other to maximize experience and convenience for customers.

ZineOne’s Real-Time Customer Engagement Hub helps enterprises that have stores or branches as the centerpiece of their business model leverage the customer data they capture on their digital channels. This empowers them to deliver truly personalized and relevant customer experiences that deepen customer loyalty and boost sales.

Machine Learning on “Data in Motion”

In the past, even the most sophisticated AI algorithms were being applied to ‘data at rest’ i.e. stored in a database over time and then analyzed. With new-age consumers demanding an experience that entails instant outcomes, there is a growing need for analysis of ‘in-motion data’ i.e. events as they occur and the ability to learn and decipher patterns, trends, or outliers in that stream. For machine learning on ‘data in motion’ or in-memory data, the enterprise defines time windows within which if there is a certain event pattern or combination of patterns, then that becomes a trigger for action.

Smart triggers are the centerpiece of ZineOne’s platform and they bring a unique intelligence from data in motion to discover points of influence in the buyer journey where an intervention by the retailer could yield the best possible results.